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How we Develop the Best Wire Product for Your Application

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Our Approach

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of the end use of your wire product. Once we’ve reviewed the operating requirements, our team can start developing the best profile wire product for the lowest total cost.

Once we’ve worked together to create an approved cross-section on print, tooling is developed for a trial run. This wire is tested for size, shape, and physical property requirements. If we’re satisfied the results will meet your expectations, the trial order is sent to you in either coil or cut to length for your approval.

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The Rolling Process



Before wire is shaped, our drawing lines reduce

its cross-section closer to your final spec by

pulling the material through a series of dies.

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Our shaped wire rolling facilities offer various

dimensional capabilities, producing from the

smallest cross-sections to the very largest, as well

as a variety of surface finishes. Our multiple flat

wire rolling mills and turks head mills, roll your

custom shapes to size. The process includes

intermediate anneals when necessary.

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Our metallurgical expertise, advanced

equipment, and in-house tooling center allow us

to achieve a near infinite number of custom

shapes for any industry for application.

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Hot-Rolled Wire

We offer hot-rolled wire for specs that cannot be

achieved with cold rolling.

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Hot rolled wire


Our annealing furnaces are continuous and

in-line. We utilize hydrogen, nitrogen and argon-controlled atmospheres in order to properly anneal the broad range of alloys we offer. These furnaces allow us to satisfy the most demanding specifications of critical industries such as: Aerospace, Medical and Nuclear. We also offer bright annealing for superior finishes.

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We offer our customers a variety of packaging options so they can select what’s best for their equipment and processes. Whether you prefer your material cut-to-length or coiled on reels, spools, pancakes, or flanges, we have an option for your needs.

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We’re a Nuclear-Certified Shaped Wire Mill

With features such as Automatic gauge control that allow us to roll

wire faster and with extreme precision and consistency, our highly

specialized wire rolling mills produce shaped, flat, round, and

custom profile wire parts that meet or exceed the demanding

certification requirements of the nuclear industry.

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Combined with our unmatched material expertise, Ulbrich Shaped Wire is uniquely positioned to supply wire products in custom shapes for a limitless range of industrial sectors.

Whether you require square wire or large custom profiles for bespoke applications, we can offer shaped wire for practically any market.