Annealing Background 1

Annealing Shaped Wire

Controlling Temper & Grain Structure

When a wire is worked, either by drawing, rolling, or shaping, it causes fundamental changes to the grain structure of the material, inducing hardness and reducing ductility. We use our annealing line to relieve the internal stresses created by cold work, re-softening the wire so that it can continue to be shaped.

Depending on your needs, we change the process points when we anneal so the finished product has the required tensile or hardness properties.

Annealing Furnace

Continuous Annealing for Consistent Properties

Our annealing furnaces are continuous and in line. We utilize hydrogen, nitrogen, and argon-controlled atmospheres to properly anneal the broad range of alloys we offer. These furnaces allow us to satisfy the most demanding specifications of critical industries such as aerospace, medical, nuclear, and many more.

Continuous Annealing

Superior Finishes Available

Our annealing capabilities allow us to offer a variety of superior finishes, including bright annealed.

Our shaped wire is available in a variety of alloys to best meet

the material properties required by each application. Unsure

which is best for you? Our team of experts is available to

offer each customer any metallurgical support needed.

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