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Square Wire

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Square wire begins with round wire that is flattened during a series of rolling operations and intermediate anneals, if necessary. Ulbrich’s wire products are available in over one hundred alloys and can be produced to specific physical properties. Rolled square wire offers many advantages over machined bar and drawn products.

Square Wire Gauges Offered

Gauge Range

0.0005” to 0.250″ (0.0127mm to 6.350mm)

THB 0524

Our Advantages

  • Net or Near Net Shapes
  • Close Dimensional Tolerances
  • Achieve Specific Tensile/Yield/Temper Range Requirements
  • Intricate Specialty and Custom Edges
  • Continuous Coils
  • No Burr
  • In-Process Gauge and Measurement
  • State of the Art, In-House Tooling Facility
  • Improved Die Wear

Alloys Available

Stainless Steels

Nickel Alloys

Cobalt Alloys

Titanium Alloys

Carbon Steel

Aluminum Alloys


Special Metals

And More!

Markets We Serve

Our square wire is in high demand across diverse manufacturing sectors including aerospace, oil & gas, scientific applications, and food service. Its outstanding performance and reliability make it the preferred choice for a broad range of applications. Designed with precision and efficiency in mind, our square wire fulfills critical roles in different markets with its compact design.

Oil Gas

Oil & Gas

We produce precision-shaped wire alloys for well screens, filter screens, and other oil & gas applications.
Oil & Gas
Oil & Gas
Fighter Jet


From heat exchangers to structural honeycomb, our precision wire products are trusted in a variety of aerospace manfacturing applications.



Life-saving surgical instruments and medical devices are manufactured using Ulbrich Shaped Wire.



Chemical processing, filtration, advanced manufacturing, and other challenging industrial applications utilize our precision wire.  

Power generation 1

Power Generation

We manufacture precision-wire products trusted to handle the challenging corrosion and temperature requirements of the energy & power generation market.

Power Generation
Power Generation

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