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Our Services

We’re more than just manufacturers of custom wire products. We offer our customers' supply chain, research and development, and metallurgical support to improve their entire production flow.

Supply Chain

As a division of Ulbrich Stainless Steels & Special Metals,

we have access to global supply chain relationships to keep

needed materials flowing and procure harder to find alloys.

We also have a wealth of supply chain management and

logistical expertise that we’re happy to share for the

benefit of our customers.

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Research and Development Support

R&D often requires small quantities of product with

specialized properties. We’re happy to partner with

customers to support R&D runs and get the product

perfect before production commences.

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Metallurgical Support

Our in-house metallurgists ensure that alloys and

production methods utilized are optimal for the needs of

both your manufacturing processes and final application.

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