Shaping Line

Shaping Wire

Your Shape is Our Command

We’ve seen and shaped it all. Our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team allow us to achieve the custom shapes needed for nearly any application. Plus, because we have complete process control, we’re better able to impart the mechanical and physical properties demanded by some of the most challenging applications.

Shaping Dies

Total Dimensional Control

From the smallest cross-sections to the very largest, our facility offers a wide range of dimensional capabilities. Our flat wire rolling mills and turks head mills roll your custom shapes to size, with intermediate anneals when necessary.

Shaping Operator

Continuous Improvement for Unparalleled Quality

At Ulbrich Shaped Wire, we steadfastly commit to investing in advanced capital equipment, allowing us to deliver products of the utmost quality. Our production equipment incorporates state-of-the-art "on-line" gauging and data acquisition technology, allowing us to generate comprehensive statistical summaries for each production run. Utilizing this cutting-edge technology, we can exercise precise control over our manufacturing process, offering exceptionally tight tolerances as narrow as +/-  .0001"(.0025mm) for our light gauge products.

Tool Center Monitor

A Variety of Finishes Available

Ulbrich Shaped Wire provides our customers with

various surface finishes in our flat, round and shaped

wire products. Our ability to provide such a wide range

of finishes is due to our ability to prepare custom roll

surfaces in our state of the art, in-house tooling facility.

Our shaped wire is available in a variety of alloys to best meet

the material properties required by each application. Unsure

which is best for you? Our team of experts is available to

offer each customer any metallurgical support needed.

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