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Shaped Wire Profiles

Shaped Wire and Rolled Profile Wire are produced to exacting standards by Ulbrich Shaped Wire, Inc. The rolled profiles include round, square and flat wire, as well as complex shaped wire, engineered to meet our customer’s specifications. These rolled shaped wire products can be provided in net or near net sizes, suitable for stamping, coining, forming or machining applications. We supply our shaped and profile wire in either coil form or cut to length.

Profiles Available

Custom Shaped Wire

Our cutting-edge shaped wire rolling mills allow us to meet the demanding dimensional tolerances your business requires.
Ulbrich has near limitless capabilities to produce custom shaped wire profiles for any application.

12 bevelled 3x

Round Wire

We offer round wires made from Stainless Steel and other special metals, manufactured with the utmost precision and the tightest tolerances. Our team of expert metallurgists and skilled rolling mill professionals can produce round wire products tailored to your exact specifications, available in a diverse range of alloys and finishes.

1 full round

Flat Wire

Our experienced engineers draw and flatten round wire to achieve consistent flat cross-sections in custom thicknesses and widths. Using pioneering process monitoring technologies, we can also prescribe intermediary annealing stages to remove internal stresses and yield the toughest possible wire products based on a broad range of alloys, from stainless steels to nitinol flat wire.

3 flat thick 3x

Square Wire

Ulbrich specializes in the production of high-quality square wire. When producing square wire for our customers we start with round wire that undergoes a series of rolling operations and intermediate anneals as needed until it reaches its final square shape. With the use of rolled square wire, you can enjoy numerous advantages compared to machined bar and drawn products, making it an excellent choice for various applications.

5 square 3x
Research and Development

Research and Development

If you can dream it, chances are we can shape it. We love to take ideas from napkin sketches to drawn and shaped wire. We offer custom shape capabilities and love a good challenge.

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Supply Chain Management

We’re more than another link in your supply chain. Our logistical expertise and far-reaching relationships can help all the pieces of your production flow work seamlessly together.

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Metallurgical Support

Ulbrich’s industry-leading metallurgical support can assist the decision-making process when considering what dimensions to choose and other factors that need to be regarded, such as variations in hardness, inconsistent finish, or other quality issues.

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